E – Kittens

E-litter was born on 02.08.2015 – Two lovely boys and one headstrong girl.

Name Sex Colour Type Where at?
Egeria F SBI n Show New home
Eros M SBI a21 Show/Breed New home
Erasto M SBI n21 Show/Breed New home


IMG_0863-2 IMG_0859-2 IMG_0815-2 IMG_0813-2 IMG_0801-2 IMG_0788-2 IMG_0784-2 IMG_0783-2 IMG_0755-2 IMG_0746-2 IMG_0745-2 IMG_0741-2 IMG_0737-2 IMG_0736-2 IMG_0736-2 IMG_0721-2 IMG_0732-2 IMG_0715-2 11954603_998305223555733_3878248851627596153_n Egeria Erasto Eros Eros Egeria Erasto Eros and Erasto Alsiade’s Fleur Eros Alsiade’s Fleur Erasto Alsiade’s Fleur Erasto Alsiade’s Fleur Erasto Alsiade’s Fleur

mother – IC EE Coco Chanel Alsiade’s Fleur (SBI n21);3*BIS, 3*NOM
father –   NW,SC S RausHöjden’s Kentauros (SBI n); 8*BIV,5*NOM 4*BIS

coco Kennu